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January 5, 2017
Monday Morning Goodness
January 9, 2017

I’ve long been a fan of Matt Taibbis’ work at Rolling Stone, particularly his writing on the 2008 financial meltdown.

Partly because of his journalism but also his irreverance; nobody drops the word ‘horseshit’ at the right time and place with as much aplomb.

My favourite writer on the Trump era, is Sarah Kendzior who writes Op-Ed pieces for the Globe and Mail among others.

I can’t watch CNN, or any of the cable news networks, and Kendzior is the antidote for their complicit hackery.

How seriously screwed are we with Trump running the show, having filled his cabinet with lunatics and idealogues?

Kendzior is like a reset switch, a reminder that the mainstream media has wandered way off being able or willing to answer that for us.

Her collection of essays ‘The View from Flyover Country’ (available on Amazon as an e-book) documents the way that ‘work’ has systematically been hollowed out in America and whole Cities allowed to decay.

It’s a primer on the run up to the American voters very valid frustration with Washington and it was, and should be, shocking to read.

In this interview she talks about the various moving parts of the Trump victory and what to expect over the coming months and years.

Against the backdrop of the average cable news talking head she sounds extreme, and I find that quite an indictment on them. I believe she expresses the coming reality with far more accuracy, and it’s actually the Morning Joe’s and the Wolf’s who have wandered off the farm and dangerously so.

When Sarah Kendzior’s work came across my Twitter Feed I was amazed to find such a body of work in someone under 50…I don’t know how she does it, prolific, and brilliant.

Like home grown activist and writer Naomi Klein, she’s able to take various strands and narratives and help us see them with clarity and in a new and accessible way.

Journalism of the investigative, fearless kind is alive and well, you just have to find it, and sadly, in this day and age of fake news and angry trolls, once you do it should be supported and protected. Lose that and we’re all screwed.

Her collection of essays, for ten bucks Canadian, is available here.

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