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January 3, 2017
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January 7, 2017

I was going to write a brilliant post about how the majority of Americans approve of ObamaCare but in the end a minority of Americans voted to kill it, and then a funny thing happened as I was checking my sources and assumptions (remember to check your facts kids!)

I learned that more Americans don’t approve of ObamaCare than approve of it, and it’s been consistently trending that way since the AHA was passed.

When you add in those people who have ‘no opinion’ then the trendlines are even clearer.

Only 60% of eligible voters actually voted in the most polarizing election in modern history. If this election couldn’t get you out to vote nothing could, but still 40% of Americans stayed home.

By comparison, median voter turnout in Canada is 70%, and in post war UK it’s 73% (although trending lower in recent years)

In the end Obamacare was killed by 27.2% of eligible voters.

But if the Trump government does repeal it (and all indications are they will) this won’t be a decision that flies in the face of public opinion.

The question is does public opinion matter; is ObamaCare a good thing even if Americans don’t approve of it?

There are 20 Million people who stand to lose their healthcare.

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