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January 16, 2017
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January 25, 2017


Enough Americans wanted an alternative to a Clinton coronation and I don’t really blame them. One Clinton and one Bush is a good rule of thumb.

I was a Bernie Sanders man myself, and before that Howard bloody Dean.

The Republican candidate offering change this time around was a narcissistic billionaire with an orange glow not found in the natural world, and a comb-over.

Cable news gave him free press all through the Primaries and into the General, because the guy was ratings gold. Some of those cable channels spoke glowingly and without irony about his ‘mastery of the medium’

He got a free pass on releasing his tax returns, a free pass on divesting his businesses.

He got a free pass on a near daily basis, the list is too long and too tedious to mention, you can look it up elsewhere.

Republicans have been remarkably good at pretending not to notice the only person Trump consistently compliments is Putin, who helped get him elected (with an assist from James Comey).

None of this has been behind closed doors, no, it’s been brazen and in the open for all to see.

Steve Bannon, on record saying things that should have excluded him from being in any position of Power. Rick Perry, the man looking after America’s nuclear arsenal has no clue about what the job entails, or what the department he will lead does. The Education nominee, get this, thinks there should be guns in schools to protect kids from Grizzly bears.

Ex-Exxon CEO’s, ex-Goldman Sachs execs, assorted billionaires, ideologues and family members, all trying their hands at Government.

The best case scenario, is an early impeachment, and four years of moderate Republican leadership.

The worst-case scenario is nuclear war, domestic economic depression, the break-up of Europe, and a new USA/Russia axis of power.

I forgot climate change roll-backs that we might not have time to recover from. Good for real estate prices if half the housing stock is underwater, not that they are planning to profit off peoples misery or anything.

So much about this is not normal.

Not surprising he enters the WH with the lowest approval rating of any incoming President.

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