February 10, 2017


Anytime I can combine photography with live music I'm pretty much in my element, so I was thrilled to cover my friend Mary Ann Allosserys' band Thread at The Rainbow a couple or weeks ago.

Thread are Mary Ann Allossery (the bands songwriter, drummer and lead singer), Greg Lipin on lead guitar, Eddy Benavidez on bass, and Kevin McHale on keys and sax.

Husband and wife duo Greg and Mary Ann, have been the core of the band since its inception.

Thread released their first album, In My Dreams, in 2011. Recorded and produced by Greg in Mountbatten Studios, the album is available for sale through CD baby.

The band are hard at work on a follow up due out the summer of 2017.

Upcoming shows in Ottawa include:

March 18th at Moose McGuire’s Rock this Joint, Battle of the Bands

March 25th, 4-7 pm, Rainbow Bistro

April 22nd, 4-7 pm, Rainbow Bistro

May 6, 8-11 pm, at Avant Garde

All venues are in Ottawa!











January 16, 2017

Music for a Monday Morning

I never get bored with this song.

Leaning to play it, slowly; Dave has a unique style where he plays the bass and the chords and there's a weird tuning - more than a handful for a gonzo guitarist like me :-)

January 9, 2017

Monday Morning Goodness

This'll make your Monday a little sweeter.

Grab a coffee and pair of headphones.

Trust me his one.

January 3, 2017

Blue Note Jazz Vinyl

There's been lot's of talk in the media about the resurgence of analogue 'things' versus digital 'things' lately.

Actual books versus digital books, vinyl records versus streamed music, and even film versus digital photography.

I know of atleast one wedding photographer who shoots a roll or two of film at his weddings, often at the request of clients, who just love the look of film.

When I post process my images nine times out of ten I'll run them through Alien Skin's Exposure 7, to give them a subtle film look.

There are couple of books out explaining why we like analogue, but I won't rehash what we already know.

Analogue just feels right. Human. Imperfect. Organic..[...]
September 8, 2016

Are you over Auto-tune ?

(No Auto-tune needed...Jessie J, kicking ass)

Can we be done with Auto-tune ?

It's getting boring and annoying, but worse, it's dumbing down our lives

Christine Aguilera wore that t-shirt seven years ago !

Auto-tune is like those ceilings you see in older homes that have Artex stippling on them to cover over the cracks. Never fooled anyone ever, but it was a novelty in the 70's and ever since we've been lumbered with it
May 19, 2016

Musical Seven Degrees of Separation

I’m a bit of a music geek; maybe that’s an understatement.

2016 hasn’t been a good month for music fans of a certain age, and so naturally I’ve been foraging and listening to some of the old classics. Weird where this led me.
March 16, 2016

Ottawa Jazz Festival

I've been part of the Ottawa Jazz Festival for the last 6 or 7 years in a volunteer capacity and it just get's better every year.

We're the cities friendliest festival in the heart of downtown.
January 13, 2016


It‘s weird when you feel the death of someone you never met, as if that person was someone you knew personally.

David Bowie wasn’t a constant soundtrack in my life, but I feel enriched by his music, even when I lost touch with him.