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January 12, 2017
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January 16, 2017


This heartbreaking story about a Montreal photographer reminds me how our work as photographers is basically data, collections of bits and bytes, and easily lost.

I can imagine how it would feel to lose a single shoot, never mind a years worth of images.

It’s not just client shoots either – a lot of us have huge collections of family photo’s on our computers, so some sort of security is just as important to the casual photographer.

Last spring I shot a wedding and flew home with my images just on the camera’s flash cards and it totally stressed me out.

I usually download the images to a laptop and a portable hard drive in the hotel room that night. I sleep way better knowing I have three sets of images.

On this trip particular trip the laptop stopped working, and so there I was, with just the original images until I got home. The cards never left my person, but I never really relaxed until they were safety downloaded.

At home I have three hard drives with my data on it.

One’s the working hard drive, and two are back-up hard drives.

One of the back-ups stays at home, backing up every hour and one goes to an ‘undisclosed’ location.

I swap the two every month or so (when I remember)

If the unthinkable ever happens I should always have atleast one copy.

None of this guarantees my data is protected, but it does, I think, reduce the probability of data loss to tolerable.

I feel for this poor photographer though, because with the best laid plans and systems we’ve all been in a situation where we’re vulnerable to theft and other disasters.

Check out her amazing work here

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