December 1, 2015

The Roaring Lion

One of my favorite photograpers is Yousuf Karsh. The last post about Black & White portraits reminded me of the anecdote of how he came to capture the iconic portrait of Winston Churchill. Karsh wrote this about his session with Britains famous wartime Prime Minister: “He was in no mood for portraiture and two minutes were all that he would […]
November 22, 2015

What Relaxes Me…

Chilly here today, plus there’s a storm on the way, and I’m just getting over a cold……yup…..it's that time of year again..

I’m still into New Years resolutions mind you: this year it’s working out a bit more (check!), eating a bit less (check!), taking life a little less seriously (check!)

By years end things have usually built up – a bit of stress here and there that was never quite let go of – tenses up the shoulders and makes the to-do list seem insurmountable.
November 8, 2015

Black & White

Converting an image from colour to black and white is pretty easy….several ways to do that in all the standard processing software packages.

I still love the look of B&W film though…and getting an image to look like it was taken using silver halide processed with chemicals is pretty darned elusive.
October 17, 2015

Sound City

Quick……go rent this movie tonight for the love of all things good!

I watched it last week, twice, after stumbling on it really.

Pretty much a manifesto on everything I love about music.
September 21, 2015

“Thanks Dad”


Love the expression on Dad’s face; can you spot him?
September 12, 2015


This is an older post, originally from 2012, which I'm reposting, without comment, as the quoted speak for themselves…

Sandy is short for Cassandra, the Greek mythological figure who epitomizes tragedy. The gods gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy….she could either see or smell the future. But with this gift also came a curse: Cassandra’s warnings about future disasters were fated to be ignored…. For more than twenty years, scientists and others have been warning that global warming, if left unaddressed, would bring a catastrophic increase in extreme weather—summers like that of 2012……the hottest July on record and the worst drought in fifty years, mega-storms like the one now punishing the East Coast.

Mark Hertsgard @ The Nation

There has been a series of extreme weather incidents, that is not a political statement. That is a factual statement. Anyone who says there’s not a dramatic change in weather patterns, I think is denying reality.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo
July 26, 2015

The Beautiful Game

Soccer season is in full swing – this year I’ve moved across the touchline from ‘parent’ to ‘Asst. Coach’

So much fun.