January 5, 2017


I was going to write a brilliant post about how the majority of Americans approve of ObamaCare but in the end a minority of Americans voted to kill it, and then a funny thing happened as I was checking my sources and assumptions (remember to check your facts kids!)

I learned that more Americans don't approve of ObamaCare than approve of it, and it’s been consistently trending that way since the AHA was passed.

When you add in those people who have ‘no opinion’ then the trendlines are even clearer. [...]
January 3, 2017

Blue Note Jazz Vinyl

There's been lot's of talk in the media about the resurgence of analogue 'things' versus digital 'things' lately.

Actual books versus digital books, vinyl records versus streamed music, and even film versus digital photography.

I know of atleast one wedding photographer who shoots a roll or two of film at his weddings, often at the request of clients, who just love the look of film.

When I post process my images nine times out of ten I'll run them through Alien Skin's Exposure 7, to give them a subtle film look.

There are couple of books out explaining why we like analogue, but I won't rehash what we already know.

Analogue just feels right. Human. Imperfect. Organic..[...]
January 1, 2017

Podcast roundup

If you have a phone and a commute, podcasts are for you.

Or if, hypothetically say, the house is quiet, it's New Years Day and you're feeling just a wee bit delicate from the night before :-)

That said I have a whole bunch if podcasts on my i-pad I never listen to.

After dumping those here's what I was left with...
December 30, 2016

You GUESS Tucker?

So much fun!

I’m copying HER style if I’m ever interviewed by a hostile political hack.

At certain points in this interview Lauren Duca just laughs at Tucker Carlson (who hasn't been the same since this happened) because it’s the only sensible response. She’s pleasant, but more than happy to up the ante when he deserves it.

She doesn’t let the talking over her or the sneering "I guess" slide - all of which gets under his skin when getting under peoples skin is usually HIS shtick. [...]
December 29, 2016

A man and his snow blower

This month I took one more step, in my cultural and spiritual integration into Canada.

A critical step, one of the last steps in the process.

I bought my first snow blower.

From Rona.

$1,000 give or take; a middle of the road machine, not too wimpy but not a monster either, a good entry level machine for the novice.

It has a headlight, which I felt was essential, an electric starter and a reverse gear, which allows me to back it out of its hanger in style [...]
December 28, 2016

HNY (or don’t let the door hit you on the way out 2016)

Blogging is the perfect medium for someone like me. I enjoy writing enough to crave more than 140 characters, but not enough to write a novel or even an essay.

I like the craft of putting words on a page, and sometimes it helps me to process and figure out where I stand on things. Other times it throws absurdity, joy, and humor under the microscope where I can take a good look.

Writing, like my love of music, is therapy for the mystifying, modern, first world, urban jungle.

THIS is where I write (and New Year’s wouldn’t be new years without committing to blogging a little more regularly.)

After Carrie Fisher (her forthright interviews are awesome and I never knew until now) and George Michael (Earls Court, Faith Tour, went as someone's dutiful boyfriend expecting to hate it but loved it) - who’s to say we won’t squeeze a couple more cultural icons into the obituaries between now and the countdown in a few days?

The dog days of 2016, when so many beloved entertainers and artists left us, are when I decided that mixing all sorts of topics including politics and religion on a small business blog is perfectly ok.

Conventional wisdom be damned.

I got more to say that that.

It’s not like I’m actively building an audience; that’s a LOT of hard work.

My plan is to let my few thousand readers appear organically because of the sheer quality of my writing in 3, 2, 1....


The nice thing about NOT having an audience is you can’t alienate them

Happy New Year everyone!
September 22, 2016

Just Because


Wow - how fast the time goes.
September 8, 2016

Are you over Auto-tune ?

(No Auto-tune needed...Jessie J, kicking ass)

Can we be done with Auto-tune ?

It's getting boring and annoying, but worse, it's dumbing down our lives

Christine Aguilera wore that t-shirt seven years ago !

Auto-tune is like those ceilings you see in older homes that have Artex stippling on them to cover over the cracks. Never fooled anyone ever, but it was a novelty in the 70's and ever since we've been lumbered with it