January 25, 2017

Complexity and Empires

In a world optimized for humans to flourish, ideally, we’d want the smartest*, most brilliant minds to have the greatest influence, on the greatest amount of people. I don’t mean book smart, I think that ‘smart’ should include compassion, empathy and humility.

Whomever the smartest people on the planet are right now, ought to lead the planet.

The smartest person in your town should be mayor.

Trump offers us ample illustration that this isn’t the case, and the question that I’m posing today is why not?

Did we not put enough safeguards in place to prevent this?

Did we fail to implement those safeguards to stop the very thing they were designed for? [...]
January 21, 2017

It begins today


Enough Americans wanted an alternative to a Clinton coronation and I don’t really blame them. One Clinton and one Bush is a good rule of thumb.

I was a Bernie Sanders man myself, and before that Howard bloody Dean.

The Republican candidate offering change this time around was a narcissistic billionaire with an orange glow not found in the natural world and a comb-over

Cable news gave him free press all through the Primaries and into the General, because the guy was ratings gold. Some of those cable channels spoke glowingly and without irony about his 'mastery of the medium’

He got a free pass on releasing his tax returns, a free pass on divesting his businesses. [...]
January 16, 2017

Music for a Monday Morning

I never get bored with this song.

Leaning to play it, slowly; Dave has a unique style where he plays the bass and the chords and there's a weird tuning - more than a handful for a gonzo guitarist like me :-)

January 13, 2017

Back-ups and Murphy’s Law

This heartbreaking story about a Montreal photographer reminds me how our work as photographers is basically data, collections of bits and bytes, and easily lost.

I can imagine how it would feel to lose a single shoot, never mind a years worth of images.

It's not just client shoots either - a lot of us have huge collections of family photo's on our computers, so some sort of security is just as important to the casual photographer.

Last spring I shot a wedding and flew home with my images just on the camera’s flash cards and it totally stressed me out.[...]
January 12, 2017

Creativity over Calculation

This post is inspired from reading "a letter to my younger self" by the Brazilian Soccer Genius Ronaldinho.

If you're looking to get your child involved in physical activity and a sport for life (don't assume elementary school is providing that) there's something you should know about soccer.

It's cheap.[...]
January 9, 2017

Monday Morning Goodness

This'll make your Monday a little sweeter.

Grab a coffee and pair of headphones.

Trust me his one.

January 7, 2017

Who to read in 2017…

I've long been a fan of Matt Taibbis' work at Rolling Stone, particularly his writing on the 2008 financial meltdown.

Partly because of his journalism but also his irreverance; nobody drops the word 'horseshit' at the right time and place with as much aplomb.

My favourite writer on the Trump era, is Sarah Kendzior who writes Op-Ed pieces for the Globe and Mail among others.

I can't watch CNN, or any of the cable news networks, and Kendzior is the antidote for their complicit hackery.

How seriously screwed are we with Trump running the show, having filled his cabinet with lunatics and idealogues?

Kendzior is like a reset switch, a reminder that the mainstream media has wandered way off being able or willing to answer that for us. [...]
January 5, 2017


I was going to write a brilliant post about how the majority of Americans approve of ObamaCare but in the end a minority of Americans voted to kill it, and then a funny thing happened as I was checking my sources and assumptions (remember to check your facts kids!)

I learned that more Americans don't approve of ObamaCare than approve of it, and it’s been consistently trending that way since the AHA was passed.

When you add in those people who have ‘no opinion’ then the trendlines are even clearer. [...]