July 15, 2016

Better Portraits – Part 2

bp portrait
I thought I'd do a quick 'part 2' to a post I did a week or so ago about taking better Portraits.

I suggested three things to get a better portrait. Plopping your subject down in front of a window, diffusing the light, and then using side lighting.

In the absence of a window, if it's dark for example, we have to create one.
July 10, 2016

Better Portraits

br portrait
If you're a non-photographer who wants to take a decent portrait with no fuss or muss, here are three steps that'll get you there pretty easily.

If you find yourself in a hotel, living room, airport terminal, drug store, anywhere with an outside window, these will make a great big improvement.

    Step 1 - To the window!

Sit or stand your subject in front of a window. Why? Natural Light. Always better than artificial light. Kill the room lights if you can. Turn off the flash on your camera. You want 100% natural light and 0% artificial light ideally. Natural light and artificial light have different colour temperatures. Our eyes are easily fooled and we don't always notice the colour temperature thing, but your cameras sensor will.