November 22, 2015

What Relaxes Me…

Chilly here today, plus there’s a storm on the way, and I’m just getting over a cold……yup…'s that time of year again..

I’m still into New Years resolutions mind you: this year it’s working out a bit more (check!), eating a bit less (check!), taking life a little less seriously (check!)

By years end things have usually built up – a bit of stress here and there that was never quite let go of – tenses up the shoulders and makes the to-do list seem insurmountable.
November 8, 2015

Black & White

Converting an image from colour to black and white is pretty easy….several ways to do that in all the standard processing software packages.

I still love the look of B&W film though…and getting an image to look like it was taken using silver halide processed with chemicals is pretty darned elusive.